High-temperature shield / for temperature dataloggers
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    high-temperature, for temperature dataloggers


The TB7500 Thermal Barriers work in two stages so that safe working temperature is maintained as it travels through the process. The passage of heat is slowed down by the Microporous insulation. A unique heat sink with phase change material is provided at the second insulation stage that maintains an internal temperature of 58°C/136°F.

It has features like - operating temperature up to 850°C/1560°F, rugged 304 stainless steel construction, microporous insulation for best thermal protection of any known material. It is available in different heights to meet limited clearances. The maintenance cost is minimized by wear strips. It has a multi textile barrier lining that is Eco friendly. It is provided with an optional stand to avoid distortion, that is caused due to differential thermal contraction, when a heat barrier is placed on the cold


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