Shield high-temperature for temperature data loggers / combustion engine
TB4500 TB4600 Datapaq Ltd


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    combustion engine, high-temperature for temperature data loggers


These barriers work in two stages to keep the logger at a safe working temperature as it travels through the process. Microporous insulation slows down the passage of heat. The second insulation stage features a unique heat sink with phase-change material that maintains an internal temperature of 58°C/136°F.

Operating temperature up to 850°C/1560°F
Rugged 304 stainless steel construction
Microporous insulation provides the best thermal protection of any known material
Various heights available to meet limited clearances
Wear strips minimize maintenance costs
Environmentally preferred mullite textile barrier lining
Optional stand to avoid distortion, i.e. due to differential thermal contraction if a hot barrier is placed on a cold floor


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