current amplifier / voltage / isolation / DIN rail



  • Type:

    current, voltage

  • Secondary function:


  • Other characteristics:

    DIN rail, for thermocouples

  • Voltage:

    Max.: 32 V

    Min.: 18 V


The trip amplifier DAT 5024 is able to accept on its input a wide range of normalised voltage signals, normalised current signals coming from both active and passive current loop, signals coming from RTDs, Thermocouples and resistance sensors. The input type and the input range are fixed: refer to the section “Technical Specifications”, table “ Input type ” to order the device. The Threshold 1 is programmed as high alarm, while, by dip-switches, it is possible to set the Threshold 2 either as high or low alarm. The trip level of each threshold can be adjusted by the potentiometers and checked by the test-points located on the front of the device. It is possible to adjust by potentiometers also the values of the hysteresis level and delay time. The isolation between input and power supply is 2000 Vac. The isolation between input and contacts of relays is 2000 Vac.The isolation between power supply and contacts of relays is 1500 Vac. The isolations eliminate the effects of all ground loops eventually existing and allows the use of the converter in heavy environmental conditions found in industrial applications.