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Workshop cabinet / free-standing / multi-drawer / metal
TekStak™ Datum


  • Type:


  • Mounting:


  • Construction:


  • Material:


  • Width:

    20 in

  • Height:

    Min.: 29 in

    Max.: 62 in

  • Depth:

    22 in


TekStak is Datum's answer to those companies looking for one-to-one laptop computer security. Each laptop has its own compartment optimizing individual security. With three locking options (electronic, key, hasp) custom compartments, electrical outlets and holes for data cables, TekStak is truly versatile and is a custom fit to your needs.
Key Features

Versatility: Charging and non-charging units are available. Charging units include two outlets per bay so you can charge your laptop and another electronic devices like your phone, your iPod or even a digital camera! The TekStak can be used to secure non electronic devices as well.

Multiple Configurations: With the non-charging TekStak, you choose from 5 to 12 compartments. Charging units are availble in 5 and 10 compartments only.

3 Locking Options: You choose the type of security that best fits your application: key, hasp (for pad locks and combination locks) or electronic. Our locking options individualize security for true one-to-one security.

Colors & Options: Datum has a long list of colors to match any decor and a laminate top can be added to any TekStak to create a smooth work surface or just to dress it up a little. Locking drawers can also be added for additional storage space and pull out access shelves are available to make for easy access to laptops (access shelves are available only for bottom five bays).


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