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Phenolic resin wheel
-40 °C ... +300 °C, 180 - 520 Kg | Ditherm MTW DC Di Candia Ruote

Special ditherm compound combined with special fibers and molded under high pressure joined to extreme temperature process which creates a high quality, durable, versatile and guaranteed wheel.
DITHERM MTW wheels features a hard surface and consequently roll well even on relatively soft surfaces.
They features an excellent resistance to water, most solvents, oils, acids and chemicals, excellent fire-smoke-toxicity properties and are certified for use in food industry and for any oven application requiring a continuous exercise temperature up to +280°C with peaks of +300°C. This wheel assures also a great work into freezers in temperature up to -40°C and guarantee a high resistance against thermal shock caused by quick increasing or reduction of temperature. DITHERM MTW has been studied and is manufactured to resist sudden jumps of temperature up to 300°C within 60 seconds. Ditherm MTW wheels do not mark the floor


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