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Monobloc wheel / phenolic resin
Ditherm MTW DC Di Candia Ruote


  • Type:


  • Material:

    phenolic resin

  • Load capacity:

    Min.: 180 kg (396.83 lb)

    Max.: 520 kg (1146.4 lb)


This device incorporates wheel center for excellent performance. The wheel center is made of ditherm compound with special fibers. It is molded under high pressure joined using extreme temperature process. DITHERM MTW wheel has a soft rolling surface. It can be used on relatively rough surfaces as it offers cushion on account of its soft rolling surface. The device is water resistant and is safe to use even with mild exposure to most solvents, oils, acids and chemicals. It is ideal for use in food industry and oven applications. It also has good fire-smoke-toxicity properties. It can work in applications requiring temperatures as high as +280°C and even +300°C as well as working with freezers up to -40°C. The device is also resistant to thermal shock caused by uick increasing or reduction of temperature. It is designed to resist sudden jumps of temperature up to 300°C within 60 seconds. It does not leave any marking on the floor.


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