emptying/ filling machine / drum / for big bags / for liquids
DCS Drum Containment System Dec Group



  • Container type:

    drum, for big bags

  • Product applications:

    for liquids, for powders, for chemicals, for pharmaceutical products, for hazardous materials, solids

  • Operational mode:

    semi-automatic, manual

  • Type:

    weight, vacuum, piston, pressure, pneumatic, aseptic, in-line, vertical

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, pneumatic, aseptic, flexible, explosion-proof, mobile, for semi-liquids, stand-alone, emptying/


The DCS Drum Containment System is a technology which can be used for various applications and offers a simple solution to high containment issues. The DCS is a mobile and compact containment system and allows to: Protect the operator, protect the environment, cancel any risk of product contamination from exposure to external atmosphere.

The System can be used for: Emptying drums or big-bags, filling drums or big-bags, application for liquids or powders, sampling etc.