dispensing valve / piston / pneumatically-operated / for granulates
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    for granulates, powder


The PTS-Feeder* provides a single step solution for emptying process equipment and filling with accuracy bags, drums and big bags.

The system operates on the same principle as the PTS Powder Transfer System, but without pressure, filling both large and small receptacles. Combining speed with precision, a two speed system transfers the bulk of the powder rapidly.

The discharge of the Feeder is effected by vibration and accurate dosing is guaranteed by an adjustable piston valve at the outlet. This device discharges most equipment into a wide range of different types of packaging, proving particularly effective when space above or below the equipment is limited.

The PTS Feeder is highly flexible and mobile, permitting an easy integration into existing process areas. Additional benefits are enjoyed when its one step operation results in eliminating conventional feed hoppers and intermediate silos.