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Resistance welding generator / single-phase
SW28 Deca


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Electric resistance welder

SYNERGETIC ADDJUSTMENT:automatically sets the welding parameters according to the selected tool and the workpiece thickness
MICROPROCESSOR:optimizes the welding parameters.
Equipped for studder spot welding
Equipped for manual spot gun, double spot gun, air puller.
Adjustable time and spot welding current. All customized settings made during the several working programs are stored until the equipment will be switched-off.
Two-digit instrument for adjustable welding current setting
STOREbutton to save a customized setting
Possibility of using two studders in order to avoid any waste of time in tools fitting up. A different program and relevant tool may be selected for each studder. Click on studder handle to select present program.
Compensation: grants all welding spots evenness.
Double overload protection (transformer and torch)


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