Voltage indicator

Easy verification of isolation from supply voltage


Other DEHN + SÖHNE products

Safety products for working according to the five safety rules

Type 1 Combined Lightning Current and Surge Arresters

Coordinated Type 1 Lightning Current Arresters

Type 1 Lightning Current Arresters

N-PE Lightning Current Arresters

Type 2 Surge Arresters

Type 3 Surge Arresters

Isolating spark gaps

Pluggable DIN Rail Mounted SPDs

Terminal block with integrated surge protection

Compact DIN Rail Mounted SPDs

SPDs for LSA Technology

SPDs for field devices

SPDs for telecommunication and data networks

SPDs for building systems

SPDs for Coaxial Connection

SPDs for SUB-D Connection


Air-termination Systems and Accessories

Roof Conductor Holders and Wall Conductor Holders

Connecting Components

Components for Foundation Earth Electrodes and Earth Rods

Equipotential Bonding

Special Application

Safety products for live working

Arc fault protection products