Automotive turbine fuel pump
T-23 Delphi Power Train

Delphi T-23 Automotive Turbine Fuel Pumps are a family of intank
pumps designed to provide uninterrupted flow of fuel for
gasoline and flexible fuel engines with 1.5 liter and greater
displacements. They provide reliability, high efficiency and
excellent hot fuel delivery performance.
Proven in-field performance in global applications
Flexibility to adjust product features and performance to suit
customer needs through selection of armature windings, pump
section configuration, and component features
Carbon commutator technology provides improved durability
and robust performance for gasoline and flexible fuel, with
blends up to E100
Typical Applications
Delphi T-23 Automotive Turbine Fuel Pumps are suitable for
in-tank applications of 1.5 liter or larger engines requiring fuel
flow ranges up to 200 L/hr at 12 V and 450 kPa. They can be
used with gasoline and flexible fuel (up to E100) programs.
Low pressure designs for diesel fuel applications are also available.


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