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jaw brake / mechanical / for vehicles
Delphi Power Train

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jaw brake / mechanical / for vehicles jaw brake / mechanical / for vehicles


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    for vehicles


Brake shoes are to drum brakes what pads are to disc brakes. When the brakes are applied, the shoe - a curved piece of metal lined with friction material on the outside - is pressed into the inside of the drum, creating the friction needed to slow and ultimately stop the vehicle. And just like pads, they must do this quickly and under control. Featuring high-quality friction linings, securely bonded to a high-strength steel frame, Delphi brake shoes are engineered to match the OE for braking power, stability and longevity.
High-performance linings
Delphi brake shoes use a tough, heat-resistant friction material, securely bonded to the backing with a high-strength, high-temperature adhesive. Combined, this makes for a strong, long-lasting shoe that delivers optimum stopping power and improved brake fade performance, just like the OE.