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diesel fuel pump / plunger / rotary / mechanical
DP310 Delphi Power Train



  • Media:

    diesel fuel

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    rotary, mechanical, injection

  • Power:



Based on the the Delphi DP210 Series, the Delphi DP310 series is a set of rotary mechanical diesel fuel injection pump that is characterized by its enhanced injection timing control, fuel/torque curve shaping and pump-to-pump timing. Having complied with EU Stage 3A, U.S. Tier III standards, it serves as an excellent substitute to electronic control of diesel engine applications.

The Delphi DP310 series comprises of an inlet for the fuel, a transfer pump, a four-plunger pumping element, a distributor system, an internal cam ring, an injection timing control, a zero backlash drive shaft, a metering valve, and a torque trimmer.