Rotary mechanical diesel fuel injection pump
DP310 Delphi Power Train

The Delphi DP310 Rotary Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injection Pump is based on the Delphi DP210 Series. It is a viable alternative to electronic control for diesel engine applications up to approximately 129 kW that must meet EU Stage 3A, U.S. Tier III and equivalent emissions standards. The DP310 Injection Pumps performance capability includes improved injection timing control, enhanced fuel/torque curve shaping and improved pump-to-pump timing.

The main components of the DP310 Injection Pump include:

Fuel inlet with inlet pressure variation and fuel viscosity compensation
Transfer pump with pressure regulator
Four-plunger pumping element with enhanced filling capability
Distributor system with reduced high pressure volume
Internal cam ring with scroll plate filing control
Injection timing control with increased light load advance travel
Cold running advance for operation at low engine coolant temperatures
Zero backlash drive shaft with increased shaft locking torque and improved timing accuracy
Metering valve
Mechanical all-speed governor
Plus and minus torque trimmer with excess fuel provision
Electric shut-off
Transient advance control
Options include:

Clockwise or anti-clockwise drive
Boost control for turbocharged engines
Mechanical generator set governing
Electronic generator set governing conversion capability
Bio diesel compatible component package
Adaptors for quick fitting, low pressure connections
Two-plunger design for low ratings and indirect injection (IDI) applications
Timing overcheck feature
Snubber valves to attenuate return pressure waves in high pressure lines


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