200 cm² rain gauge
HD2015 Delta OHM

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200 cm² rain gauge 200 cm² rain gauge - HD2015


  • Collecting area:

    200 cm²


The Hd2015 is a dependable and durable bucket gauge, totally developed for erosion safe materials to guarantee its solidness. To guarantee precise estimations even with low temperature climatic conditions or throughout and after precipitations of snow, a rendition with heating system, naturally initiated around +4°c, has been produced to avoid snow stores and ice arrangements. Throughout the rotation stage, the regularly closed reed contact opens for a small amount of a second, sending an impulse to the counter. The rain gauge is structured by a metal base on which a tipping can is situated. The rain collector cone, placed to the aluminum chamber, channels the water inside the tipping bucket, once the predefined level is achieve, the calibrated bucked rotates under the activity of its own weight, releasing the water.