video corpo

temperature data-logger / relative humidity / RS-232C / with LCD display
HD 2x7 / 2x6 series Delta OHM



  • Measured quantity:

    temperature, relative humidity

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, programmable


The HD 2x7 / 2x6 series by Delta Ohm is a Miniature relative humidity and temperature data logger which features its low cost and rugged instruments. This is the ideal tool for long term reliable monitoring of temperatures and relative humidity. It comes with a different version having an LCD display and one having without LCD. The whole unit comes with a temperature sensor that is located either inside or outside part of the device. The unit functions through the use of a software which enables analysis of the data acquired. It comes with a variation of function such as Start, Stop, Configuration, Data Download and Setting of storage interval. These controls can be configured through the use of PC and a keyboard.