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Pt1000 thermometer / digital / portable / industrial
HD 2107, HD 2127 Delta OHM



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The portable L’HD2107.1 and l’HD2107.2 have a large LCD display that has one input. Both of these instruments have been fitted with two inputs. To measure the temperature, immersion, penetration or air contact probes are required. Their sensors can be Pt100 with 3 or 4 wires or Pt1000 having 2 wires. Probes come with an automatic recognition module where factory calibration data can be stored internally. HD2103.1 and HD2103.2 models are fitted with an RS232C serial port and USB 2.0. This provision allows for transfer of acquired measurements in real time to a computer or to a portable printer. The probes, fitted with SICRAM module, have factory memorized calibration settings. These data loggers are able to store up to 80.000 samples.