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Pt1000 thermometer / digital / portable / with temperature probe
HD 2178 series Delta OHM



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    with temperature probe

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The HD2178.1 and HD2178.2 are mobile equipment with a wide LCD display. These instruments measure temperature by insertion, penetration, contact or air probes with Pt100 or thermo-couple probes. There is linking possible with a 3/4 wired Pt100 detector or a 2 wired Pt1000 detector to input B, a K, J, T, N, E type thermo-couple to input A. Probes to input B, an 8-Pole DIN45326 linker, integrated with an automated sensing module, with pre-configured factory calibration settings. Input A is supplied with a compact female polarized linker for thermo-couple probes. The HD2178.2 is a data-registering instrument and has a preserving capacity of nearly 80.00 samples. These can be transferred to a PC when connected to the equipment through a compatible RS232C serial port and a USB 2.0 port. There is adjustable storage interval, printing and the baud rate accessible through the menu.