relative humidity transmitter / plug-in / absolute / with temperature measurement
HD 2601V.1 / 2601V.2 Delta OHM



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    absolute, with temperature measurement


The HD2601V.1 is a passive transmitter display with DIN43650 connector of 4...20mA. The HD2601V.2 another model that is equipped with two dual-output transmitter viewers, where the display is inserted between the transmitter and connector. The current loop of 4...20mA supplies the power. The users are allowed to program the snap-in display, set the scale factors, decimal point position, display update time, display of average, min & max values, time passed for turn-on, open collector digital output parameters etc. with the help of two keys.

The permanent memory stores the programmable parameters, which are not erased even if the power is disconnected. The functions of all the devices are monitored by integrating diagnostic system. The open collector output can control the relay coil or digital device in the HD2601V.1 model. To fit different installation conditions, the instrument can be overturned or rotated 90°.