DC electromechanical relay / AC / plug-in / power
160 series Deltrol Controls



  • Control voltage:

    DC, AC

  • Other characteristics:

    plug-in, power

  • Switching current:

    13 A, 5 A


160 Series: 5 and 13 Amp general purpose plug-in relay


Up to 13 Amp loads (see data sheet)
Class F coil insulation system for 155°C total temperature
Coil molded in Polyester for environmental protection
Unique armature stop maintains adjustment

160: 5 Amp open frame
161: 13 Amp open frame
165: 5 Amp covered plug-in
165F: 5 Amp flanged cover w/QC terminals
166: 13 Amp covered plug-in
166F: 13 Amp flanged cover w/QC terminals
166E: Addition of blow out magnets
*Minimum quantities apply to non-stocked items.