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over-extension linear slide / ball bearing / high-precision



  • Extension:


  • Type:

    ball bearing

  • Other characteristics:


  • Stroke:


  • Load:



The Crossed Roller Linear Slide, manufactured by Deltron, is specifically designed that adds six to eight times greater capacity than ball slides. This device can withstand loads in any direction, and it ensures flexibility to choose the right ball or crossed roller bearing system. The ball slides and crossed roller slides offered various levels of accuracy range from a straight line precision of 0.0005” per inch of travel.

Moreover, the standard accuracy ball slides range of 0.0000040” per inch of travel straight line accuracy in high precision ball slides and crossed roller slides are included to generate tool more efficiently. This product is suitable for vertical utilization that involves higher speeds and cantilevered loads. It also has an available anti-creep linear ball slide that is designed with a single piece ball retainer.

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