resin dosing unit / volumetric / automatic / continuous
CV 600 ASE Demak S.r.l.



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    automatic, continuous, vacuum


Thanks to the latest innovation process, the majority of DEMAK dispensing systems are designed with CV technology. The Continuous Vacuum process allows automatic loading/reloading of the resin from the drums for non-stop production. Continuous Vacuum means an ultra-efficient degassing system combined with high productivity for each customer. The resins and the hardeners are always treated in vacuum in order to guarantee the best final product absolutely bubble free. In this case, the CV 600 tank contains 340 liters and it can be provided with up to 5 pumps each tank. Being a modular machine it's possible to start with just 1 pump each tank and add pumps later on according to the production needs. This tank size guarantees to the customer a "massive" production.