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    overhead, storage, distribution


Dematic’s Trolley overhead system can help you optimize your floor space, reduce labor, and improve ergonomics. The Trolley system is ideal for apparel distribution and for automotive and other heavy equipment manufacturing.

Reduced Footprint and Labor
Because Trolley is an overhead system, you can reserve your floor space for more valuable functions than storage. Trolley uses vertical space that would otherwise be empty. Real estate can be expensive. Trolley allows you to use otherwise unused vertical space, reducing the footprint necessary.

By delivering kitted, staged, heavy, bulky product to the next work area, Trolley reduces labor. Good people are hard to find – your workforce can be dedicated to more complex, less physically demanding work.

Benefits of the Trolley Overhead System
Improves space utilization and reduces real-estate expenses
Reduces capital expenditures because investment in expensive automated storage and retrieval systems is not required
Allows easy storage of bulky, oddly-shaped items, such as auto body parts, that are difficult to put in racks
Reduces labor and improves ergonomics