roller conveyor / chain / for pallets / horizontal



  • Technology:

    roller, chain

  • Product transported:

    for pallets

  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, accumulation, for heavy loads, transfer


The Dematic pallet conveyor is a durable, versatile, heavy unit load conveyor system and has proven itself in a wide range of applications and industries.

Dematic offers a magnificent pellet conveyor system that efficiently carries out the tasks of transporting, reorienting, staging, stopping and accumulating the loads.

While handling pallets and drums to work-in-process containers, the Dematic roller transportation conveyors resist dust, heat and other contaminants. Chain transportation and an accumulator conveyor are provided with two, three and four chains for positive location and transport of loads. Pop-up chain and roller transfers divert heavy unit loads at 90 degrees by lifting and transferring them.