measuring amplifier / current output / DIN rail



  • Secondary function:


  • Other characteristics:

    current output, DIN rail

  • Current:

    5 A


Since pioneering the use of flexible RoCoil CTs in energy measurement, we have been asked to provide a flexible Rogowski coil sensor with a 5 amp output. We are pleased to announce that the RoCoil TCA-5 now fulfills this requirement in the marketplace. Those who use 5 amp current input power meters will now be able to take advantage of the easy installation and broad current range coverage offered by RoCoil flexible current transformers.

The RoCoil TCA-5 is a three-channel integrating transconductance amplifier (TCA) that converts the 131mV/1000A electrical output signal from the RoCoil current sensor to a 5 amp AC current, emulating a traditional current sensing transformer.

The RoCoil TCA-5 is factory-calibrated to work with DENT RoCoil CTs (131mV/1000A). The unit can be DIN or panel mounted and a 10" section of TS35/7 DIN rail is included with the kit.

The flexible RoCoil current transformers are sold separately. The TCA-5 is available in a high voltage version for 400/500VAC 3-phase services (line-to-line) or a low voltage version for 120/240VAC 1-phase services and 208V 3-phase. Specify which power supply is needed when ordering (HV = High Voltage, LV = Low Voltage).