Wiper seal / V-ring / polymer
DWA 2p DEPAC Anstalt Establishment


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When sealing hydraulic fluids under high pressures it is vital that the cylinder or piston surfaces are optimally lubricated and that no abraded contaminants (particularly from the outside) stick to the lubricant and are then drawn in between the sealing faces of the seal and the cylinder or piston.

Should this happen, the contaminants would gradually damage the sealing faces (scoring), causing an escalation of leakage and expensive emergency repairs.

The Solution

DEPAC is therefore of the opinion that a wiper should have the same good sealing and sliding properties as the seal itself.

With this in mind DEPAC has developed a new WIPER which not only features the same automatically acting, positive sealing lip as on the sealing rings but is also made of the same, homogeneously lubricated DEPAC Super Polymer Material.


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