Manual torque wrench

Torque wrenches allow the testing of stationary screwdriver-spindles without their removal from an assembly station. Because of the incorporated flat surfaces on the side of the wrench head, our torque wrenches can be temporarily clamped into a vice. In connection with the corresponding torque measuring instrument (DME 200 PC/DME 200 DMS-PC), the torque wrenches can also be used for the testing of a screw connection already, by either tightening or loosening the connection. DEPRAG torque measuring systems combine the application-variety of conventional torque wrenches with the precision and the capabilities of today's most modern electronic measuring technology.

The mechanical torque wrenches (manual indicator design) can be used for simple adjustment- or control tasks. To obtain the torque of a screw connection, simply re-tighten the fastener. The use of a mechanical torque wrench allows the fast and simple estimation of tightening torque-values.


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