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The Disc/Brush/Drum is a high efficiency skimmer for industrial, harbour and coastal water applications. The DBD excels in a wide range of oils from light to heavy.

The BRUSH banks are available to enhance heavy oil recovery and the Disc/Drum banks are available for light to medium oil recovery. These units simply slip in and out of the skimmer head.

The DBD skimmers may be supplied as independent units or as modules that fit on top of other skimmers such as the TARANTULA, TERMINATOR, TERMITE or DOP-DUAL 250.

The DBD skimmers are produced in a variety of configurations single, twin or triple banks of rotating oleophilic (oil attracting) Disc, Brush or Drum. Independent hydraulic, electric or pneumatic motors drive these discs.

Oil is recovered from the water as it adheres to the surface. As the discs, drum or brushes are rotated through the skimmer head oil is collected in the central sump on a continuous basis.

The skimmers have high efficiency - up to 99 percent! Speed can be varied to optimise efficiency according to conditions.