off-line UPS / DC / industrial / DIN rail
12 - 48 V | D-IPS-BM series DEUTRONIC


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    DIN rail


D-IPS-BM DC-UPS for 12/24/48V

UPS Battery Management System for uninterruptible 12 / 24 / 48VDC System Voltages
Patent-protected high efficient ACS battery charging and diagnostic procedure (ACS = Adaptive Current Step)
Thermal battery management incl. cyclic test / monitoring - protects battery and avoids danger of thermal runaway
Electronic battery short-circuit protection
Signalisation via LED, floating relay contacts and digital-I/O
Error diagnosis (accu temperature, ageing, broken wiring)

Mounting on TS35 rail according to EN60715
No repercussion to energy sources
Options: Customized design (open-frame, potted etc.), special charging algorithms and parameters, quick charge via power supply
Max. battery charging current configurable
Low discharge protection (residual discharge typ. <300µA)