electronic cam controller
Profibus | LOCON 200-PB Deutschmann Automation


LOCON 200 consists of a basic unit with the tasks of the central actual value acquisition, communication with the periphery, voltage supply and some other administrative matters.

Full performance comes to the fore by using the expansion modules, each with 8 IOs.

Consistent design as IOs ensures maximum possible flexibility and best possible utilisation of the hardware both on the basic module and on the expansion unit. If, for instance, only 8 externally selectable programs are required, the reserved pins otherwise conventional are not wasted but can be used in other ways.

The system limit is one basic unit and max. 16 IO cards. By using a separate processor for each module, the cycle time in the overall system remains constant and depends upon configuration, encoder type, resolution and software performance features used. All modern actual-value acquisition systems from the incremental encoder through to the multiturn encoder are supported.

This device version includes a Profibus-connection.