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Divinycell HCP is developed to meet the demands for high performance in subsea applications. HCP means Hydraulic Crush Point and the number defines the maximum hydraulic pressure the material can withstand. Divinycell HCP is a low-density cross linked polymer foam with closed cells providing high strength and buoyancy performance due to its unique material formulation. As a result of its excellent hydraulic compressive properties and closed cell structure, it has very low buoyancy loss and water absorption under long- term loading conditions, thus making it an ideal material in subsea applications. Moreover, due to its material composition, HCP can be easily machined into almost any shape, enabling designers a high level of design freedom.

HCP has an excellent track record and has been used in subsea applications for almost 40 years. With its excellent hydraulic compressive strength and high buoyancy to weight properties, it is used widely, for example, in ROVs, flotation units, diving bells and marine impact-protection structures at depths down to 700 meters. DIAB provides Divinycell HCP in blocks or ready-shaped parts.