Comparator stand



Suitable for use with DIATEST bore gauges (e.g. split-ball probes) for serial measuring of small parts
Also suitable in connection with special applications, favoured for use together with DIATEST floating holders

Checking stand MST-58

Measuring stroke adjustable from 0 to 33 mm/1.3"
Platen: Ø 58 mm/2.3"
Top of stand continuously adjustable

Maximum height of work-piece including gauge: 140 mm/5.5"
Accessories: clamp-on-vee attachment for positioning of work-piece

Universal stand MST-102

Measuring stroke adjustable from 0 to 130 mm/5.1" with stop
Size of platen: 100 mm x 100 mm/4" x 4" (larger platen available in standard programme)
Different jib arms to hold measuring system
Extensive range of accessories in standard programme

Mini fixture KM

Especially suitable for measuring small work-pieces in combination with BMD plugs
Optimal position due to possibility for adjustments and accessories,
model as gauging station with several mini fixtures side-by-side.
Suitable for multi-plane plugs


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