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DICTATOR door closer solutions mean innovative products for all applications that require special solutions - since 80 years!

Door Checks
DICTATOR door checks are no conventional door closers. They just catch the door before it closes - presumably with a loud bang - and then pull it completely close, ensuring a smooth and quiet close every time. And they make sure the door stays closed.

Swing Door Hinges
Compared to the common "Bommer" hinges DICTATOR swing door hinges offer some essential advantages: There are available many executions for all current thicknesses of door leaves, from different material and with different finish.

Special Door Closers
DICTATOR produces several door closers for special requirements: the DIREKT door closer in particular for exterior access gates, the RTS tube closer for a concealed installation into the door and the WAB floor spring for heavy hinged doors up to 600 kg.

Back Checks
DICTATOR back checks control the complete travel of hinged doors and limit the opening angle. They prevent that a sudden gust of wind throws the door open, which often results in broken glass or damaged hinges.


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