Ball check valve / PTFE-lined
ARV2 Diflon


  • Type:


  • Material:


  • DN:

    Min.: 15 mm

    Max.: 200 mm


Borosilicate glass, in accordance with DIN 7080, is utilized to withstand
high temperatures, mechanical stress and corrosion. For those applications
requiring a higher flow capacity, Atomac check valve type ARV/SG should
be considered.
Universal Application
The Atomac check valve can be installed either vertically or horizontally
dependent upon application.
Solid PTFE Ball
The ball has the same properties as the FEP or PFA lining material.
Full Port Design
The full port design offers excellent flow characteristics to minimize pressure
Low Opening Pressure
The minimum opening pressure required to unseat the ball in the vertical
position is 0.07 bar (1 psl).


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