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forestry mulcher
115 - 170 lpm, 1 966 mm | Ground Shark DIGGA



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Diggas new heavy duty 72 Rotary Axe is called the Ground Shark. It is the ultimate attachment for clearing & mulching thick bush & scrub. Working in conjunction with the heavy duty push bar, the front hood opens up exposing the ¾ blades past the guards, enabling close up axe likes cuts to remove trees up to 7 (180mm) diameter. For the ultimate in clearing, optional carbide teeth can be added to the spinning disc, effectively removing stumps for a clear path. World leading design & quality construction for increased production, reliability & ease of maintenance

Ideal Use:
A Rotary Axe is used for vegetation clearing, preparing sites for construction projects, clearing trails, scrub and undergrowth as well as mulching branches and saplings. it is ideal for cleaning up fire breaks, clearing orchards, lease reclamations, or fence line maintenance.

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