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The RCM4200 series of core modules are pin-compatible and easily interchangeable with other RCM4XXX based products. The RCM4200 acts as the microprocessor of an embedded system and is designed to mount directly to a user-supplied motherboard, allowing CMOS-compatible digital devices to interface with the motherboard. The RCM4200 offers robust features including large memory and Fast Ethernet, making it ideal for intensive communications and data-logging applications. The optional analog helps to diversify your connectivity options.

Evaluation of the RCM4200 is easy with the RabbitCore RCM4200 development kit, which provides all the necessary hardware and software to quickly get started.

The RCM4200 family of microprocessor core modules are powerful embedded control devices that offer intelligence, 10/100Base-T Ethernet connectivity, optional analog inputs, and ample memory for sophisticated data logging and serial to Ethernet applications.

The RCM4200 RabbitCore modules are equipped with 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, combined with 4 Mbytes or 8 Mbytes serial flash memory storage for intensive communication and data logging applications. The optional on-board 12-bit analog channels diversify your device connectivity options.

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