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vacuum recovery system / acid

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vacuum recovery system / acid vacuum recovery system / acid - DMS28


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Environment friendly Caustic Recovery System eliminates the Process of Disposal of the Weak Caustic-Lye, which is the Output of the Mercerizing Processes,linked to the Biological Treatment Facility, contaminating the Nature,after being Neutralized with Sulphuric Acid,and disposed from Waste-Water-Treatment-Plant. Caustic-Lye concentration is increased by Evaporation of Water-Content of the Weak-Caustic-Lye at low Temperature under Vacuum through the Staged Vaporizers,and finally obtained the Strong Caustic-Lye,which will be used after Recovery in the New Mercerizing Processes again and again. Along with Reducing the Mercerizing Process Costs and Increasing your competitive Power, positive Contribution is made to the Environment by Protecting of the Environment.

According to EN 13445 Standard, manufactured in Safety Standard IV.

Manufactured from Ostenitic 1.4301 and 1.4404 Stainless Steels with EN

10204 3.1 Certificated in accordance with the EN 10028-7 Material Norm.

Design Pressure: 2.3 bar g.

Design Temperature: 135 deg C

System Capacity generating maximum Benefit with minimum Investment is designed according to the need.