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cheese industrial cooker / steam
DM18/50 series Dima s.r.l.



  • Food product:

    for cheese

  • Type:



Mini steam cooker, stretcher and melter specially designed and manufactured for cooking, kneading, melting and stretching of all types of pasta filata (mozzarella, pizza-cheese, shredded mozzarella, kashkaval, string-cheese, kasar, provolone …), analogue cheeses and food preparations.
Its small and compact design make it the perfect solution much appreciated for small size dairies, restaurants, laboratory of research and development (R&S), universities and professional institutes.
The machine is equipped with counter-rotating & independent two augers allowing to process fresh curd, frozen industrial curd (cagliata), vegetable curd (veg curd - caglina) and / or food ingredients and powders.

The mechanical action of the counter-rotating & independent two augers combined with the steam heating offer many advantages in the chee quality product and improve the yield.