automatic sorting machine / for the pharmaceutical industry
DS12+ Dividella


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    for the pharmaceutical industry


Seidenader’s automatic DS12+ thickness sorting machine now presents itself in a new format. Additional practical design details and a touchscreen (HMI) have optimized operating comfort and make for easy maintenance in the automatic sorting of tablets.

At the heart of the re-engineered version of the DS12+ are the inclined sorting channels: each with two counter-rotating, high-precision and robust rollers which reliably guide tablets or comparable products successively through the channel for sorting. Moving and adjustable rows of flaps above the sorting channel prevent the products from overflowing and separate any tablets which may be lying on top of one another. The precisely adjustable gap between the rollers increases along their length: in the upper section it is narrower than in the lower section. Depending on thickness, the tablets automatically drop into three different discharge channels: “too thin” at the top, “good” in the centre and “too thick” at the bottom end. Optionally, smaller fragments can be screened out through a perforated plate prior to the actual sorting process.

New technical details make the machine even easier to operate and contribute to reduced maintenance. It features a user-friendly control panel (HMI) with touchscreen. In the event of a product change the formulae for the product-specific machine settings can be retrieved from the HMI. Menu-guided, the dimensions for the new tablets format are set manually and reproducibly, and confirmed in the HMI.