Miniature piezoelectric accelerometer
2.7 pC/g, 1.5 g | A/25/E DJB INSTRUMENTS

Sub-miniature, all welded, KONIC sensing element based vibration transducer. The low mass of the A/25/E renders it transparent in the vast majority of lightweight structure vibration measurement applications.
The A/25/E is adhesive mounted. A detachment tool is provided to shear adhesive joints. Shock removal is to be avoided as being deletorious to
the integrity of the transducer.

Abrasive cleaning of the attachment face will reduce base thickness over time, sparing use of adhesive will aid longevity. Signal outlet is via a surface contact socket. Mating connector preload torque should be 7cNm, the locknut tightened to 12cNm for signal integrity to 10,000g. Insufficient preload may result in intermittent signal loss.


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