Piezoelectric accelerometer / 1-axis / miniature
2.7 pC/g, 1.5 g | A/25/E DJB INSTRUMENTS


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The vibration transducer has a KONIC sensing element. It has low mass of A/25/E which makes it appear transparent in applicatiosn where a vibration measurement applications are required. The A/25/E is mounted with adhesive. It has a detachment tool which is offered to shear off adhesive joints. Shock removal system is avoided for maintaining the integrity of the transducer.

Abrasive cleaning should be avoided in order to prevent loss of base thickness. Sparse use of adhesive can increase the longevity. Signal outlet is provided through a contact socket. For maintaining signal integrity to 10,000g, the mating connector preload torque is made at 7cNm.The locknut is tightened to 12cNm for signal integrity to 10,000g. Insufficient preload may result in intermittent signal loss.


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