Very high sensitivity piezoelectric accelerometer
11000 pC/g, 400 g | A/800 DJB INSTRUMENTS

Highest sensitivity multiple shear plate vibration transducer, intended for micro g level measurement. Virtual immunity to strain input side effects provides guarantee of low frequency measurement integrity. System noise
level of 10-2pC is equivalent to 1mg. With bandwidth restricted to 2kHz, 1 octave below resonance, noise floor should be significantly below this.

Noise level vs. upper corner frequency for the CA/04/N charge amplifier, A/800 source and nominal l0Mtr. cable is shown in Fig.1. Bear in mind that charge amplifier noise increases as a function of input capacitance - noise
assessment should be made with the charge amplifier input correctly terminated.

The transducer adds mass at its point of attachment to a structure, thus imposes a transparency constraint above which data corruption will be excessive.


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