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M5300 Doble Lemke



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    frequency response

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Diagnostic test system with built-in PC using Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)

Detection of core movement and winding deformation/displacement in transformers and reactors

User Benefits

Easy-to-use software and test leads
High accuracy and repeatability
Field-rugged design
Apparatus nameplate information stored with test data


Frequency Range: 10Hz to 25MHz.
Default Range 20Hz to 2MHz.
Output Voltage: 20V p-p at 50Ώ. Short-circuit protected.
Number of Data Points: 1,000 (Default), up to 1,800 (Extended Range)
Dynamic Range: >90dB
Repeatability: ±1dB to -80dB
Built-in PC
Operating Environment: 0 to 50° C, 0 to 95% RH
Weight: 10kg
Test Leads: Integrated 3-lead system in single cable set, 18m length

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