Electric cable hoist / trolley / double-rail
max. 20 000 kg | DRH series DONATI SOLLEVAMENTI


  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    double-rail, trolley


Electric wire rope hoist in configuration with double girder trolley DRT

* Hoist itself has the same features as per fixed execution
* Maximum capacity 20.000 Kg for hoists 2 or 4 rope falls with double girder trolley span 1000 mm or 1200 mm
* Maximum capacity 50.000 Kg for hoists 6 (32 t.) or 8 (40 t.) rope falls with double girder trolley span 1400 mm or 2240 mm or 2800 mm
* Electric double girder trolleys travel on top of rails fitted on the crane beams, this allows the maximum hook path.
* The hoist can be fitted on the top of the trolley or suspended it can also be fitted in transversal position respect to the crane's beams
* The trolley's frame is made in steel and the wheels are two driven and two idler.
* The wheels, pressed from carbon steel, rotate on permanently lubricated bearings.
* The trolley has an ant derailment device.
* The trolley motor is conical self-braking type, progressive start up and can be supplied :
o 1 travel speed of 8 m/min or 10 m/min or16 m/min or 20 m/min
o 2 travel speed of 16/4 m/min or 20/5 m/min
* The reducer is made with gears with helicoidally teeth.
* Electric travel limit switches are available on request.



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