cable puller-tensioner


This is the universal, basic configuration, with fixing eyebolts that allow the DRH hoist to be fixed on a frame as a double girder trolley or in a suspended execution.
Made with modular components.
The basic components (motor, reducer, rope drum) are assembled in a coaxial line useing high strength bolted connections in order to guarantee maximum use of the hook run and minimum overall dimensions of the hoist body.
Every connection can be inspected and has self-locking safety nuts.
FEM service group 1Am, 2m and 3m: capacity from 800 to 20.000 kg. with hoists 2 and 4 rope falls.
FEM service group FEM 1Bm, 1Am, 2m: capacity from 25.000 to 50.000 kg. with hoists 6 and 8 rope falls.
Lifting height from 4 m to 58 m.
Coaxial reducer with three stages of reduction and conical self-braking motor, enclosure IP55, insulation class F, complete with thermal probe as standard.
Standard supply voltage three-phase 400 V-50 Hz. (Voltage and frequency different from the standard are available on request)
Noise level less than 85 dB (A).
Plastic protective roof above the hoist's drum type C, N and L is supplied as standard.
Electromechanical overload device supplied as standard.