transmission chain / carbon steel / stainless steel / nickel-plated
Dong Bo Chain Ind.



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  • Material:

    carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel-plated

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Because of nickel plated surface, this chain can be used under outdoors, acid vapor or salty environment. Nickel plating delays the corrosive effect on the chain.
But in general, nickel plating is specified when appearance of chain is critical, for the cost is less than comparable stainless steel chains. Nickel-plated chain offers acceptable protection for mildly corrosive environments. For more corrosive environments, please consider stainless steel chains.

- All components are nickel plated prior to assembly
- economical
- delaying corrosive effect on the chain
- excellent silver like appearance
* Attention: The max. allowable Load of chain is about 15% lower than in the standard (not plated chains our standard carbon steel roller chains). This factor must be carefully examined when you select this chain.