oxygen analyzer / flue gas / exhaust gas / stack gas
GGA-70-1 Dongwoo Optron Co., Ltd.



  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, flue gas, stack gas, exhaust gas

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:

    for integration, in situ

  • Other characteristics:

    monitoring, continuous, online, real-time, calibration, with oxygen sensor, power plant, zirconia


Power plant / Waste incineration / Paper · Pulp Metal · Steel / Glass · Ceramics / Maritime / Boiler

By applying Zirconia (ZrO2) sensor, changes in Electromotive Force (EMF) due to the ionization reaction among platinum (Pt) electrodes to be converted to the partial pressure (concentration) of oxygen molecules in the flue gas. Most widely accepted O2 measuring method at any facility, from boiler to CEMS.