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roll-up door / stainless steel / fabric / for the food industry
DS800, DS850 Door System A/S



  • Type:


  • Material:

    stainless steel, fabric

  • Applications:

    indoor, exterior, for cold storage, for the food industry, for conveyors

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, insulated, spring-balanced

  • Width:

    2 m, 4 m (6'06")

  • Height:

    3 m, 5 m (9'10")


High insulating capacity and roll speed can save energy. DS800 is developed specifically for freezer rooms with a high load of passing traffic. The unique door cloth and the special sealing system, both of which are patented solutions, provide efficient insulation, preventing the cold from escaping.

DS800 is made in strong, stainless steel, which in addition to a cleaning-friendly surface offers the greatest possible strength to withstand the inevitable knocks and bumps of a busy workday. DS800 is available in sizes up to 4.0 x 3.3 m, however not exceeding a total area of 12 m2. If you need a bigger door, choose instead the upgraded model, DS 850, which is available in sizes up to a full 4 x 5 m.

Opening speed from 0.6 - 2.0 m/sec
Gaurantees minimum loss of cold and significantly reduces the "open hours"
In case of a collision, the cloth can easily and quickly be put back into place without the use of tools
The special sealing system ensures that cold and hot air do not meet and form condensation and ice