single-shaft shredder / for wood / mobile
DW 2060 K Doppstadt



  • Number of shafts:


  • Application:

    for wood

  • Other characteristics:



Forget the cumbersome and time-consuming set-up of gearbox and support when changing rollers. The one-of-a-kind QuickChange system definitely lives up to its name and makes this an easy task. The same goes for the counter blade which you can change entirely without tools. Just remove the toothed strip - safely outside the machine. As a result, it is just a matter of minutes to equip the DW 2060 K with exactly the tooth size required for the size of the outgoing material.

The fine shredding system „Limiter“ is an optional piece of equipment and exactly what you need to

hold back over-sized particles that somehow made it through the initial shredding stage. Thanks to its gimbal-mounted components the Limiter easily dodges contaminants and takes the maverick particles back to be processed one more time. The DW 2060 K perfectly embodies the high durability of all Doppstadt DW machines against contaminants.

The „Selector“ is another useful addition to the standard configuration of the DW 2060 K. The downstream hooklift-starscreen is another barrier to hold back over-size particles and take them back to be screened again. The Selector doesn't need a power unit of its own, since it is driven by the extra hydraulics available for all DW machines.

Looking for a shredding solution that produces finished goods of highest quality and purity in sizes between 100 and 400 mm? We have it: the DW 2060 K.