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solid drill / multi-purpose solid drill / multi-purpose


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Dormer provides a variety of drills available in a range of lengths depending on the depth and application, including stub (short), jobber (standard), long series and extra length.

A number of different geometries are available to account for the cutting behaviour of the workpiece, ranging from general purpose drills suitable for a wide range of materials, to application drills designed with a specific material in mind. Drilling products include:

A002 - HSS TiN tip coated jobber drill - features self-centring split-point for excellent positional accuracy and hole quality.

ADX - HSS/HSCo drill range - features a special flute shape with quick helix angle and thinned point, resulting in greater accuracy, optimum swarf breaking and removal.

PFX - HSCo deep hole drill range - featuring a parabolic flute design, unique point design and thinner than standard web ensures high levels of efficiency when drilling deep holes up 25 x diameter

MP-X - A range of solid carbide multi-application drills - for high productivity drilling of precision holes in most materials.

CDX - A solid carbide drill designed for maximum metal removal rates in high productivity applications whilst maintaining extreme accuracy.

Hydra - High performance replaceable head drill featuring solid carbide heads and HSS body.